The Importance of Travel Insurance

When travelling out of province, you should always insure that you have sufficient insurance coverage. Provincial health insurance offers very little coverage outside of Canada and may not fully cover medical treatment or testing performed in other provinces. Depending on where you are in the world, this could lead to expensive medical bills or, in some places, the denial of medical treatment. Even if you are relatively healthy, accidents can happen while traveling, which is why everyone needs to be protected.

Some examples of the average cost for common medical procedures and hospital stays in the United States:

  • Bypass Surgery: $73,420
  • Angioplasty: $28,182
  • Hospital Day: $4,287
Source: 2012 Comparative Price Report by the International Federation of Health Plans

It is also important to investigate any travel coverage you do have to determine how well in protects you for your travel plans. The travel insurance provided by credit cards will have limitations for trip length and coverage amount. As well, employee plans may have similar limitations.

Any type of travel insurance you have could have restrictions based on your current state of health and recent medical changes. With any plan you are relying on, it is important to investigate policy information to determine how adequately it protects you.

Along with the proper coverage, it is just as important to deal with a licensed travel specialist who can insure that a policy sold to you will cover you for your whole trip and will be there for you, if you do have an emergency.