What your travel insurance covers and what it doesn't

The unfortunate case of Kenzie Markey, the Canadian woman who was in a skydiving accident in Arizona, is a perfect example of why every single traveler should not only purchase full medical travel insurance, but make sure the policy is right for them. Here are 7 things you should bear in mind when looking at purchasing your policy:

1. You may deem it unnecessary to purchase cancellation or trip interruption insurance. What is at stake is the value of your trip and perhaps the cost of an additional plane ticket. However, you should always buy medical insurance. Accidents and injuries are random and can happen to anyone. The financial hardship, depending on the medical attention you need, could be crippling.

2. Check the fine print and understand what you are covered for. If your credit card offers you some coverage, it is likely not enough. There are also some general exceptions to coverage to watch for i.e. people who are travelling to play certain sports or travellers who get dangerously drunk may be denied coverage.

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